The dripping travel app is removed.

On the evening of July 4, the National Internet Information Office issued an announcement, the announcement said: According to the report, verification verification, “Drip Travel” APP has serious illegal violations to collect personal information issues. According to the relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China Network Safety Law, the Internet Security Law, inform the app store, “Drip Travel” App, requires the Drip Travel Technology Co., Ltd. strictly follow the legal requirements, refer to the relevant national standards, and conscientiously rectify existence, Effectively protect the security of users.

“High-profile” and “low-key listed” drops

On July 2, the Internet Security Review Office issued an announcement on the “Drip Travel” launching network security review, the announcement shows that in order to prevent national data security risks, safeguard national security, protect public interest, according to “People’s Republic of China Law “The Network Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the Network Security Review Office implemented network security review of “Drip Travel” in accordance with the “Network Security Review”. In order to cooperate with network security review, prevent risk expansion, “Drip Travel” stopped new users during the review period.



Under the app, stop new users to register, and the drip is facing two rounds of crit. In this regard, the drip has responded that resolutely implement the relevant requirements of the relevant state departments, and the new user registration has been suspended on July 3, and the discharge app will be strictly reached in strict accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments.


In the form of strong comparison, June 30, dripping in the US New Trading Office, although the listing and even the media conference is not held, the IPO of this drop is this year as of the current Internet company. The highest record of US stocks fundraising, history is only the fundraising scale of Alibaba, and cannot be described as unsteady.

In just a few days, the drip experienced a volatile shock.

What is the problem?

Or in other words, when the drop is dropped, there is a sense of “big and fun”, and it seems that the people “bitter drops.” The Net Letter Office is clearly pointed out in that it is because of its serious illegal violation. “Severe illegal violations collection and use personal information” spear head refers to the damage of the drip, and also touches the most sensitive nerves of each drip user. From the order of order, more than 4 million pieces, such as such a large number of users, once the information leakage or illegal information is collected, the consequences are unimaginable. Today, the handle of “Damacity’s Sword” has been hanging on the dripping head, still falling.

What’s more, the drip is not a “first committee.”

Relevant information showed that the drip founded in 2012 has now become 156 million live users in the domestic market, and the market share of more than 90% of the net approximation. But it seems that the history of the growth is accompanied by controversy. With the safety incidents of the second link, in 2018, the droplets were “suspected of excluding competition behavior”, “suspected of using the market advantage to obtain unfair interest” was named by the Ministry of Communications. In May of this year, the titration of dripping products has also been named by the Net Letter.

Said back to the dripping incident, undoubtedly released this signal: protecting data security has become an important focus of the national level.

Data security issues should not be a Chinese people’s troubles

The news of the discharge app appeared in the news, immediately “boiling” on hot.

Drips accounted for a considerable part of the China Net Toned Car Market, as early as 2020, the dripping monthly users have broken by 400 million. As the APP that most of the people must travel, your home address, work location, stroke trajectory and other data have traces in the drip platform. If these this should not be leaked, the data is blocked, and the consequences are unimaginable.

There is a data show that as of December 2020, my country’s netizens has reached 989 million, and the proportion of netizens use mobile Internet access to 99.7%. According to the “2021 APP Personal Information Analysis Report” released by the Skin Industry Safety Research Center, the detection assessment of the active APP sample of Near 10,000 yuan in 2021, 56.3% of the APP has violations, and the average There are 0.8 violations of violations in APP; 64.6% of new active APPs are suspected of “unused collection and personal information” issues. At this 315 party this year, it was also exploded by CCTV to explode a variety of App illegal to handle personal privacy data, and this is only the “Iceberg” of data security issues. my country’s “Civil Code” The first thousand and thirty-two provisions have also stipulated that “natural people have privacy. Any organization or individual may violate the privacy of others with spying, invading, leak, disclosure, etc. Data security issues should not be a presence of Chinese people.

A number of measures are introduced, data leak issues no longer “barbaric growth”

On June 10, 202, the thirteenth National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s 20th meeting passed the “Data Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and announced on September 1, 2021. It can be said that the “Data Safety Law” is intended to develop and safely, clarify the top design of my country’s data security management system and the “four gap pillars” in China, and promote digital China construction, help my country’s domestic competition.

It is worth noting that today, the Internet Security Review Office has released an announcement on the “Boss Full” “Full” “Truck Help” “BOSS” Starting Network Security Review. The announcement pointed out that in order to prevent national data security risks, safeguard national security, guarantee public interest, according to the “National Security Law of the People’s Republic of China” People’s Republic of China Network Safety Law “, the Network Security Review Office in accordance with the” Network Security Review “, “” “” “” In order to cooperate with network security review work, prevent risk expansion, “Full” “Full” “Full” “BOSS” Stop New User is registered. It is worth noting that the network security review focuses on whether there is a threat or risk that affects the security of critical information infrastructure and national security.

Due to the “Data Safety Law” from September 1, 2021, the network security review involved in this drip is based primarily on 12 departments of the National Development Information Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, etc. in April 20, “Network Security Review” Measures for review. In fact, national security is always the core interests of the state. With the importance of network security, whether it is the company’s initiative to declare safety review, or the network security review office launches safety review, it should be normalized in the future.

In addition, on April 26 this year, under the guidance of the national Internet information office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will release the Interim Provisions on the Administration of Personal Information Protection Management of Mobile Internet Applications (Draft) “, Moving Internet Applications Personal Information Processing Activities make special regulations. “State” full text, the methodology of “controlling according to law, source governance, system governance, comprehensive management”, with “informed consent” and “minimum necessary” two protection principles, based on APP development operators, app The five types of regulatory objects such as the distribution platform, the APP third-party service provider, the mobile intelligent terminal production enterprise, and the network access service provider are focusing on standard development, self-discipline assessment, complaint report, and disposal measures as regulatory starting, depth advancement Personal information protection governance work, the behavior of the Personal Information of App User Personal Information to illegal violations.

In today’s big data era, data security has become one of the key points of national concern. The network security review is more due to the pre-prior safety precautions. Three of the trip event will also promote more Internet products to pay attention to safety and compliance work. In the long run, only through the government improves the law, strengthen supervision; manufacturers strengthen self-regulation, strictly abide by the regulations; users to strengthen their personal information security awareness and other ways to cooperate to cooperate to completely overwhelming the barbaric growth of data.

Due to data security issues, the drip is not the first, but it is desirable to be the last one.