Today, the SSL certificate has been popularized, and the HTTPS site can be seen everywhere. Different sizes, types of types of websites choose the SSL certificate for different prices according to their own needs.

All SSL certificate users know that the reliability is high, the service SSL certificate is to spend money, but it is inevitable in his heart. Why do some certificates have a year more than one year, but some have to 10,000 yuan? SSL certificate is so expensive, how much is the cost?

Some people think that the cost of the SSL certificate is 0. Generating an SSL certificate requires only a few seconds, and the technique is fairly transparent, and the implementation and algorithm principle have public release. The reason why the SSL certificate is high because the CA (Digital Certificate Authority) is caused by high credit and authority.

The person thinks that the SSL certificate should be reviewed and verified. If you want to enter the list of root certificates of each mainstream browser, there must be a corresponding expenditure. But digital certificates are still a profiteering industry, proper banknotes printers.

From the issue of issuance, the cost of issuing an SSL certificate is 0. This statement is no problem, and an ordinary person can learn, or issue an SSL certificate. But this kind of saying ignores the cost of producing an SSL certificate.

We first take a famous digital certificate authority as an example to see its overall campaign, and then talk about the various costs of the SSL certificate.

Founded in 1996, GlobalSign is one of the earliest digital certificate certification agencies in the world. It is published in Tokyo, Japan, mainly providing CA certification, SSL digital certificate issued and PKI services.

According to its earnings report, GlobalSign’s total revenue was 13.3 billion yuan (approximately 781 million yuan), gross profit of 7.95 billion yen (about 467 million yuan), gross profit margin as high as 59%. However, its net income is only 1.17 billion yen (about 68.71 million yuan).

It is not difficult to see that there is no cost of signing an SSL certificate, but you want to produce a trusted SSL certificate, the cost may be very high.

The production cost of the SSL certificate comes from:

Verify CSR cost

When the customer applies for an SSL certificate, CA needs to review and verify the information provided by the applicant and the information provided. Audit and verification can only rely on manual, and each audit and verification are not fixed costs, sometimes take for more than ten minutes, sometimes it takes a few hours to complete.

The more advanced certificates, the more validated, such as the verification and review of the EV level certificate, and it takes a lot of manpower to complete.

Legal cost

SSL certificates are a kind of trust-based product. In order to improve product trust and avoid risk, CA needs to pay high insurance months each year.

Audit cost

To enter the list of root certificates for major mainstream browsers, CA must pass through the annual audit of WebTrust, which is a big overhead.

Cost of implantation

Some browser vendors also charge the CA of the implanted certificate list.

Infrastructure cost

After the certificate expired, CA needs to revoke the certificate. An ancient program is to publish the revocation certificate in the CRL, so that the user is inquiring the validity of the certificate, now more is OCSP, regardless of CRL or OCSP requires support for servers.

CA chain fee

The newly opened CA company should wait for 5-10 years, will be generally trusted to enter the root certificate chain. If you want to speed up, you have to pay for your big CA company to pay for a secondary certificate.

The competition of digital certificates is increasingly fierce, and the price of SSL certificates is also declining. In the future, there will be more and more websites to configure SSL certificates, and the price will only get lower and lower.