at present, social projects, fishing emails, blackmail software attacks are all done by hackers and traditional computers. If a hacker has a computer, he will instantly complete the attack, crack the bank accounts and passwords, steal funds and information. Besides, it could also decode all the flow information quickly. However, it is getting closer and closer to us p>

2019, Google used 53-Qubit of the computer to prove that the computer system had some special ability to defeat traditional computers (the problem that can only be solved in 1000 years with 2 score and 30 score). Although IBM had different opinions, they believed that it wouldn’t take 1000 years, but only 30 days. But in essence, it had already proved that it was indeed beyond the traditional super computer on special problems, which would undoubtedly bring humans to a new world that they had never explored before p>

2020, December 3rd, science published online the research results of the research team consisting of and other members of University of Science & Technology China, as well as the cooperation between the Shanghai Micro System Institute of the Chinese Academy of medicine and the national parallel computer engineering technology research center &mdash& mdash;& ldquo; Chapter nine ¡± It was a kind of computer& ldquo; Chapter nine ¡± It was a prototype of 100 mode of 76 light beams and a promising ¡° glass sample ¡± The task was solved quickly. According to the existing theory, the speed at which the glass sample was handled by the system was trillions of times faster than that of the fastest super computer at present (¡° nine chapter ¡± the super computer would take one hundred million years to complete a task in one minute). Its speed was ten billion times faster than that of the 53 ultra computer released by Google last year p>

currently, the research on data protection and communication has been carried out all over the world to deal with the threat of the computer. After that, it was a kind of secret code that could resist the attacks of the computer p>

what is the calculation p>

the traditional computer used to code information, and each was expressed in 1 or 0. The computer was used to deal with the . It was a central processing unit made up of the unit of . When it was running, the chip would follow the rules and deal with the information in an efficient way. It was a kind of calculation machine. Nowadays, the computer used two states of the electronic state, which were 0 and 1. But the electronic state used 32, which made the electronic computer have unimaginable and powerful parallel calculation ability. A memory consisting of 250 pieces of including 250 pieces) may contain 250 times of data as high as 2, which is more than all the pieces in the universe at present p>

the influence of the calculation on the encrypted techniques

Peter Shor and Lov Grover had successfully proposed two schemes using the Grover of the same size in 1994 and 1996 respectively. Shor’s method could break through all the public key techniques, because the security of the public key techniques depended on the problem of the division of large numbers or the separation of pairs. The public key, including RSA, EC-DSA and ECDHE, were affected. The method proposed by Grover could reduce the time needed to violently break the attack. As long as a AES or TDES had a computer, the 256 key would be as safe as the 128 corresponding to the current traditional computers. The method proposed by Grover reduced the time of collision attack and the strength of ‘s of the harshness function. With the help of the computer, the security level of SHA256 dropped from 128 to 80, and the security level of SHA384 dropped from 192 to 128 p>

the threat of the electronic computer to the traditional security

the electronic computer could not only break the encrypted communication, but also break the current encrypted data. With the help of the computer, the encrypted plan and the key exchange that were used for verification and confidentiality would need to be changed; For the purpose of the double key technique, it not only needed a way to exchange the private key, but also needed to increase the size of the double key and the size of the harshs p>

at present, NIST, the leader of the National Institute of standards and technology, is pushing forward a project called Post QuantumStandardization (PQS), which is aimed to define a new method to deal with the threat of the computer. The PQS project had entered the last stage and was expected to be completed in 2 years p>

the transition of the calculation

in order to achieve the transition of the calculation, the SSH, IPSec, SSLTLS and other security agreements also needed to be upgraded. These agreements not only needed to be combined with the existing agreements, but also needed to introduce an extra layer to establish a safe communication to deal with the protection of the calculation p>

the change will have an impact on the non phase and key generation, which requires an increase in the size of the key of the double phase. Therefore, it would also affect the performance and band width. The hardware manufacturer also needed to upgrade their hardware in order to achieve the same and transition with these new methods p>

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