Recently, Google announced that it will update the just released Android privacy protection in this year, update to billions of devices that run the old Android version.

Permissions Auto Reset Features Introduced in Android 11 to protect users’ privacy by automatically deleting runtime permissions for applications that have not been used for several months. Runtime permissions (RuntimePermissions, also name dangerous permissions)

When this privacy protection function begins to introduce the older Android device, it will be available on the device that runs the Google Play service to the Android 6.0 (API level 23) to Android10 (API level 29).

Google said: “From December 2021, this feature will be automatically enabled on the device running Android 6.0 (API level 23) or a higher version of GooglePlay service. On these devices, users can now go to auto reset settings The page is enabled / disables the auto-reset of a specific application. This feature starts a few weeks on the device, and the system will start automatically reset the application’s permissions. “

Although the right to automatic reset is enabled by default on the Android 11 device, users will be able to switch it on Android 6.0 or later.

The release schedule provides the developer from September 15, 2021, which is automatically reset to developers, stabilized in October, will gradually be gradually on December 2021 in all equipment supported by GooglePlay service and runs Android6.0 or higher. roll out. The launch process will end in the first quarter of 2022, when this feature is expected to cover all compatible Android devices.