The CISA released lesso software’s job evaluation tool does have no shortcomings, but security professionals can build on this basis.

Almost all categories of cyber security have suffered down in every corner of our economy and daily life. According to a survey data released by the Sophos, the average cost of mitigation attacks in 2020 is as high as 1.85 million US dollars. More and more network security professionals believe that federal governments and local law enforcement departments play an important role in supervision and protection of our environment from network security threats.

In an attempt to show a value to the public, the US federal government provides a new “evaluation” tool through the Network Security and Infrastructure Security Bureau (CISA). The Lee Software Ready Evaluation (RRA) Tool is the latest module of the Network Security Evaluation Tool (CSET) to help organizations understand and enhance their network security.

However, this new tool, as well as the entire concept of the government-funded technical application, and there is more questions than the answer. Next, let’s take a closer look at the insufficient existence of this tool, and what we really need to do can make progress in confronting the lossity software.

In-depth understanding of threats

According to the data of CHAINALYSIS, 2020 victims paid nearly $ 350 million in ransom by encrypted currency, an increase of 311% over 2019. Recent attacks, such as the ColonialPipeline events that lead to natural gas industry consumers and JBSFOODS attacks, indicating that the Lesso Software has strategic significance in attack targets. Unless you have a pre-infected security tool that is specifically looking for Trickbot or Emotet, they usually do not discover, so that many companies are easily attacked.

Although lesso software will definitely bring national security issues, you must have enough investment, you must have a complex solution, which is much more much better than RRA.

Since RRA is only displayed on any given time, it is not considered a vulnerability that may be utilized in any future. By involving corporate safety operations, the federal government should share your responsibility. So is the CISA is now responsible for understanding the existence of Lesso Software? Does the government agency join the competitive industry in the compliance review? These are all problems that need to be understood.

In fact, many companies have used this tool, including Colonial Pipelines, Kaseyas, and JBSS, which confirms there is security issues.

Doubt to the government’s “assessment” tool

Software Pegasus developed by Israeli Security Company NSOGROUP as an example, the software should be targeted for criminals, but it is used as a monitoring tool for monitoring reporters and activists. The survey of Pegasus is shocked, so that it issued an open source mobile forensics tool so that others can detect PEGAsus pose.

What happens if the RPA tool is missing? Is it an incorrect sense of a threat and non-signed threat profile from zero-day threats? Does the Government ensure that the tool provides protection and alerts for previous unknown threats? If it can’t Ensure any of these contents, then what is the value of this tool?

Private companies can solve business problems more faster and more resolute than any government. This is the case, it is more abundant than anything that the military’s previous investment is more cost-effective. By introducing a free tool that cannot be properly solved, the government has caused security threats to those who choose to use it rather than commercial services.

Better strategy is that the government provides financial incentives, such as tax rebates or tax-free policies, and if organizations can get the help of authoritative threat detection companies, they can benefit from it.

Real losssso software defense strategy

If you attach great importance to security and deploy endpoint detection and response (EDR) tool, the possibility of lesser infection will be low. In almost all Lessssss Software Attacks, the victims either do not have an appropriate EDR solution, or there is an invalid solution that eventually leads to failures and causes vulnerabilities.

Network Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Compliance Requirements The Department of Defense Contractors have safety information and event management (SIEM) solutions and EDR solutions to obtain government contracts. These tools and any routine security and vulnerability assessments have proven to defend the lesser attack. Perhaps this requirement is extended to other industries that will have a profound impact on restrictions.

Corporate organizations do need a government assistance, but this RRA tool has not played a role. The government provides self-assessment tools, but it should be noted that it cannot guarantee the capture of Lesso software. This is inadvertently passing a message: this tool is not good enough, your security is still your problem!