What is the attraction of free email services?

Many service providers offer free email accounts (such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. in foreign countries; 163, QQ, Sina, etc.) in China. These email services typically provide us with a browser interface to access our emails. In addition to saving money, other benefits are provided:

Accessibility – because we can access our accounts from any computer, if we can’t close to your computer or being relocated and no ISP, the service can be supplied normally. Even if we can remotely access ISP-based email accounts, if we use public computers or shared wireless hotspots and worry about exposure to major accounts, it is ideal for relying on free email accounts. Competitive features – Since there are so many service providers in competition, they now offer excessive additional features, such as large storage, spam filtration, viral protection, and enhanced fonts and graphics. Additional features – Service providers will add additional software or services (for example, instant messages) to pack the free email account to attract customers more and more common.

Free email account is also a valid tool that reduces the number of spam received at the primary email address. We do not need to submit our primary address online, request a service or participate in an online forum, but a free auxiliary address can be set.

What are the risks of free email services?

All things have their own two-sided, and we are facing a certain risk while using it, so we should not use them to send sensitive information. These businesses are unpredictable, may have no firm commitment to protect us from a variety of threats or provide us with the best service.

Some elements of adventure include:

Security – If our login name, password or message is sent in plain text, it is easy to be intercepted. If the service provider provides SSL encryption, it should be relatively safe. This can be used by looking for “security mode” or “HTTP:” in the URL is replaced with “HTTPS:”. Privacy – There is no lunch without money in the world. We don’t have to pay for email accounts, but service providers must find some way to recover the cost of providing services. One way to generate income is to sell advertising space, and another way is to sell or transaction information. Be sure to read the service provider’s Privacy Policy or Terms of Use to understand whether our name, email address, email address in your address book or any information in your personal data may be provided to other organizations. If we are considering forwarding our email to a free email account, please consult your organization first, there is any established security policy that violates organizations. Reliability – Although we can access our accounts from any computer, we need to make sure that the account is available when we want to access. Familiar with the service provider’s Terms of Service so that we do our best to understand their services for us. For example, if the service terminates or our account disappears, can we retrieve our message? Whether the service provider allows us to download the message to our terminal machine? In addition, if we happen to the time zone where the provider is, We may find that their server maintenance will interfere with our normal email programs.

This article reprinted from the WeChat public number , He Wei Feng. Reprinted this article, please contact the printed letter to the Xin’an public account.