The Beltane Spring Fayre Group

In Association With the Leicester Pagan Alliance

:: Festival Activities::
 LIST FOR 2007

Changes to the printed programme:

* 12 noon - 1pm, Workshop room 2: The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood - a play by Az & Saz (Azna and Sara Hussain).

* 11am - 11:30am, Workshop room 1, and market stalls: We are very sorry, but we have referred to Eve Greywolf as 'he' - it should of course be 'She'. Many apologies, and we will be applying for a new brain (after the festival!).

* Healers' room: Francis Hruszka will not be appearing.

* 1pm - 6pm,  Children's Zone, Emma's face painters are from 1pm - 6pm only.

* 5pm, Climbing Wall closes.

* 11am - 3pm, new times for Sylvesta the Jester.

* 2pm - 3pm, Workshop Room 2, Anna Franklin is ill. We are fortunate to have instead:
"The eighteenth century Hellfire Club and its relationship to the Western Mystery Tradition."
a workshop by The Steward of the Club.

Opening ceremony
12 noon  On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade, we are pleased to welcome Carol Leeming and Wolde Selassie who will host an Afro-Caribbean ceremony.

Sports Hall

The raffle will be drawn at 5:00pm
Free ticket with every souvenir programme - just fill in the feedback form and return it to the information point.
time group description
11:00am  Good Values Club  (Sathya Sai Education in Human Values) Indian dancing.
Bakanalia Morris Dancing.
BAKANALIA are a Border Morris Dancing group from Leicester. The group is comprised of both men and women, young and old and from all walks of life and they have been together for more than 20 years performing at Festivals, Fetes and gatherings across the country.
'Border Morris' has it's origins on and around the borders between England and Wales, hence the name. It is also distinguishable by the style of dress, traditionally, Border teams wear rag jackets in strong, dark colours with matching face make up.
12 noon  On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade, we are pleased to welcome Carol Leeming and Wolde Selassie who will host an Afro-Caribbean ceremony.
1:00pm  Jenny Crane Maypole Dancing - Come along and join in the fun - all ages and shapes welcome.
1:30pm Good Values Club (Sathya Sai Education in Human Values) Indian dancing.
2:00pm Bakanalia Morris Dancing.
3:00pm  Jenny Crane Maypole Dancing - Come along and join in the fun - all ages and shapes welcome.
3:30pm Pakistan Youth and Community Association A multi-cultural fashion show representing the various cultures at our centre.
4:00pm Vikings of Middle England Re-enactment will demonstrate authentic costumes.
Founded in 1991, Leicester based ‘Vikings! (Of Middle England)’ (Tÿrslið) have taken a step further than most similar organisations, with the aim of providing dynamic and exciting re-enactment events that seek to shock, scare, amuse – but above all – educate an audience in a dramatic and entertaining fashion. Maintaining a high standard of historical accuracy with regard to costume, equipment and persona, Vikings! (Of Middle England) portray the Viking era, a key point in British and European history, in great detail, but never stray from their mission to interact with an audience; not becoming a ‘static, museum-like’ exhibiter, but a free-flowing and vibrant re-constructor of Dark-Age life.
Alley Katz A community dance group from Beaumont Leys with a medley of modern dance from hip-hop to jazz.
For more information click here.
5:00pm Raffle prize draw  Prizes are gifts and vouchers.
5:30pm Vikings of Middle England Re-enactment will demonstrate authentic costumes.

Sylvesta the Jester (11-3pm) and Abdul Khalifa the magician (2-3:30pm) will be enchanting you with tricks and humour around the venue. Catch them if you can.

Sylvesta the Jester will mix and mingle with children and adults, improvising as he goes, with mandola in hand, joking and performing comedy routines provoking participation (such as blowing a horn through my ear). He has appeared at the Glastonbury and Sidmouth Festivals, at re-enactments, and in many stately homes and castles, and is Leicester's official jester.

Abdul Khalifa first became interested in the art of magic from the age of twelve after watching-Paul Daniels and other great magicians on television.  The first time he watched a live magic show was at Butlins which was performed by Stephen Mullhern, and after the show Abdul knew that's what he wanted to do. In December 2004 Abdul auditioned to join the Leicester Magic Circle and passed. He is now a full member of the prestigious Leicester Magic Circle with the help of John Corbett and the ex-president of Leicester Magic Circle, Roy Johnson. Abdul is an old boy of Moat College, and returns to the same corridors today.
Abdul Khalifa has had the honour of performing for Bollywood actor and actress Ajay Devgan and Kajol, and has also entertained actor Ameet Chana, DJ Rishi Rich. singer Jay Sean, Punjabi MC Hard Kaur, and comedian Paul Chowdhry. Abdul has also had the honour of perfoming for the High Commissioner of Pakistan.

Pakistan Youth and Community Association will hold a fashion show, and take part in a 5-a-aside cricket match at 11:15 to 1:15pm with a team from Moat, weather permitting. Following that, St Peters Neighbourhood Housing will play a Residents' team.

Sacred Space

Workshop room 1
time speaker subject
11:00am - 11:30am Greywolf Native Canadian shamanism.
Greywolf is Canadian/Indian and a member of the Seneca Wolf clan of New York. She's giving shamanic readings and talking on how to get healing using the medicine wheel for everyday and everyone.
11:30am - 12 noon Simon Collins Introduction to the runes.
    Simon is a practising Heathen and has been living and working with the runes for many years.
12:30pm - 1:00pm Beorwulf (Geoff Blenkinsop) The Heathens are coming! Northern tradition, beliefs, practices, including a 'blot' or Northern ritual.
1:00pm - 1:30pm Clare Downing (St Philip's Centre, Evington Rd) Old Hat? Is there a place for Christianity in today's multi faith society?
Clare Downing is a Minister of the United Reformed Church, working at the St Philip's Centre for Study and Engagement in a Multi Faith society. The Centre works to build confidence of Christians in multi faith areas, supports dialogue groups between members of different faiths and encourages good relationships between people of faith.
1:30pm - 2:00pm Claire Wintram (Just Peace Leicester) Palestine.
Claire is a member of a Jewish group who has visited the West Bank and is returning in April. She met peace activists on both sides of the divide.
2:00pm - 2:30pm Wolde Selassie African cosmology centred on the Dogon culture of West Africa.
Poet, educator, and percussion tutor Wolde has 25 years of community arts experience working with schools, college, universities, prisons, and other institutions promoting Afrikan Cultural Heritage. Wolde has an international profile promoting his work in Jamaica, South Afrika, Ethiopia, and many European countries. Wolde has an astounding knowledge of African, Caribbean, and European History.
3:00pm - 3:30pm Hashim Ismael Duale Somali culture - video presentation and talk.
4:00pm - 5:00pm David Wilson Medicine wisdoms
David is a healer who has worked extensively with Eagles Wing and Medicine Men from various cultures here and overseas. Currently running a course on Elder Medicine with Bear Tyler.

Workshop room 2
time speaker subject
12 noon - 1:00pm The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood
a play by Az & Saz (Azna and Sara Hussain)
1:00pm - 1:30pm Dipak Kumar  (Sathya Sai Education in Human Values)  Togetherness through Values.
Nearly 120 children at The Good Values Club aged five years to fourteen years learn Human Values - ie Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-Violence through various activities like storytelling, games, art and craft, role play and dancing.
2:00pm - 3:00pm The Steward of the Club "The eighteenth century Hellfire Club and its relationship to the Western Mystery Tradition."
3:00pm - 3:30pm Mark Graham Druidry.
Mark is a Druid author and ecologist and a founder member of the Charnwood Grove of Druids. Living for 12 years in a tipi on top of a Welsh mountain, studying astrology and experiencing at first hand the power of the elements, Mark developed a deep understanding of the forces of nature and of human nature, an understanding which informs his shamanic approach to the Druid tradition.  Mark is currently the Chair of the Loughborough Council of Faiths and Interfaith Manager for the Druid Network, working to bring an understanding and acceptance of Druidry and Paganism to a wider audience.
3:30pm - 4:00pm Arroneath (Mick Summers) The red dragon and the white dragon,
a balance of dragons.
Arroneath has been a witch since 1974. he has taught and been taught the craft in Europe, USA, and Asia for the past 30 years. His talk will cover Spring, liminal points, the folly of eating whole cows, and middle age angst.
4:00pm - 4:30pm Mary Clarke Crystals and how to choose them.
Mary Clarke has been an Astrologer and Tarot Reader for the best part of 25 years doing clientelle work as well as talks, workshops and classes. She has also had an interest in crystals and mineralogy since her early teenage years. Mary sold crystals on markets and at fairs for some years and has given many talks about them. She is now an enthusiastic amateur on the subject.
Choosing crystals for a specific purpose can be a daunting task with the amount of information around.  Mary hopes to simplify this process and tell you a little more about the crystals and their uses at the same time.
4:30pm - 5:30pm Dusty Miller (The world's leading wand-maker) The Hidden Secrets of Real Magick Wands.
I'm an old guy who has been talking to ancient trees for over sixty years, with outstanding results. My family have been working with the same ancient trees for many centuries, and as a result we're world leaders, in our knowledge of the Inner Life of Trees. Using this knowledge, over the last thirty years, I've been able to help over 25,000 people to achieve their Destiny, by introducing them to their Tree Spirit Partners. My tree friends, are actively helping me to help others by, donating pieces of LiveWood, that are trained and willing to work with people as their Magickal Partner. These Magickal Partners, have a vast amount of knowledge that they can use to solve all sorts of human problems, in exchange for the opportunity to live in our world and report-back to their world, to aid their own self-development. As any of our clients will tell you; having a LiveWood Friend in your pocket, is the most magickal experience you can imagine.

Open Art Exhibition
hosted by Pathways into Art
Chez Kay, Bob Trubshaw, Debbie Birch, Gwen, Jane McFadden, Steve Robinson, and others.

Charnwood Goddess Temple
Our temple is not a fixed place, but can be created where ever it is needed, to honour the Goddess, the divine feminine, of which we are all a part. We celebrate the Goddess through ritual, dance, journeying, creativity, chanting, magic, and sharing our wisdom. At the Spring Equinox we are celebrating the Goddess of Love and Creativity.
We invite you, whether you are wise in her ways or just intrigued to find out more, to come and see us in our temple tent.  You may wish to linger a while, and write a prayer to add to our Invocation board, or to decorate your own garland head dress - a symbol of your inner fertility.  Presented by Sue Thompson.

Healers' Room - Alternative Therapies
time speaker subject
11:00am Emma Green Body centred meditation.
12 noon Vicki Marston
The healing touch: hand massage, for up to 12 people per session. Please book in advance if you can.
Click here for more information Yin Yang
1:00pm Jacq Dobson Usui Reiki demonstration.
2:00pm Vicki Marston The healing touch: hand massage, for up to 12 people per session. Please book in advance if you can.
Click here for more information Yin Yang
3:00pm Pat Dunnicliffe Drumming workshop.
4:00pm Emma Green Tree meditation.

Poets' Circle  
time poet description
11:30am - 12 noon Mark Graham storytelling
Mark's unique storytelling style owes as much to stand up comedy as it does to the Bardic tradition of Druidry, so be prepared to be very entertained.
1:00pm - 1:30pm Mark Graham storytelling
2:00pm - 4:00pm Madhu Chapaneri
Bubbles Singh

Dilip Gajjar
Dahyabhai Prajapati Bhavanbhai Patel
Rose Beckford
Jon Tyler
English, Caribbean and Asian poetry.
Open microphone spots are available - turn up on the day to book a session.
4:30pm - 5:00pm Mark Graham storytelling

Open microphone spots are available - turn up on the day to book a session.

Paul Newman will be compering all day
(except when he's singing in the garden marquee at 3:30pm).
time group description
11:00am - 11:30am Helical Helical is a guitar group from Nowhereland, England. They play music as a band and there isn't really much more to say than that. Helical like music very much. Helical like all kinds of music from dub like Lee 'Scratch' Perry to hardcore punk like Rites of Spring and the Minutemen and Fugazi and Dead Kennedies to hip hop like Public Enemy and Wu-Tang Clan to other folk like The Velvet Underground and John Frusciante and Jane's Addiction and The Beatles and Radiohead and Modest Mouse and Shakira.
Helical are nice, well adjusted young boys with sensible haircuts. Helical are a bastardised version of everything you ever heard.
11:30am - 12 noon
12 noon - 1:00pm  Orchestra Navrang
Classic Indian pop music from the masters, direct from Gujarat.
1:00pm - 1:30pm  BKC + Gold Blend Peace rapper & dancers from the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.
Lapis Lazuli The ever popular exponents of Egyptian dancing.
1:45pm - 2:30pm Kevin Hewick Kevin Hewick is The Winston Churchill of alternative acoustic music. He has had releases on Factory Records,Cherry Red and Sorted Records and has new material on Burning Shed. A walking anecdote machine, he performs beautiful songs with deep lyrics and has the voice to do them justice.
2:30pm - 3:15pm Kiajaroovah Everything seems to be about boxes these days. This is emo, that is metal, this is brechtian punk cabaret..."oh you're in a band? What type of music do you play?" Umm...  Expect noisy madness... maybe.
3:15pm - 4:00pm Red Star Radio Red Star Radio is essentially the songwriting partnership of Chris Thorley and Guy Lawton. Influences range from post-punk to indie pop and from acoustic folk to prog rock. This inevitably gives the band a hugely diverse sound, but one which is always firmly grounded around indie guitar rock. The band operates a 'revolving door' policy with other musical collaborators and performers and this throws more flavour into an already appetising melting pot.
4:00pm - 5:00pm Tea Monkeys Our material is rather a unique mash up of various styles, including reggae, funk, rock and pop. The mantra of the band is to write and perform songs in a broad variety of styles without being unfaithful to the genres that influence us.
5:00pm - 5:30pm Carol Leeming Carol Leeming has been proclaimed the jewel in Leicester's jazz crown. Carol is a hugely versatile artist, with a powerful and distinct vocal style. Carol has enjoyed chart success both in the UK and US and has made a huge name for herself on the club scene from jazz/funk, RnB and house. She has worked with producers Staxx, Boyz in Shock, John Digweed, and So Dam Tuff. Whilst performing her own material she collaborated on a track that became “Give me back all my Love” (remix Marshall Jefferson) with the duo Staxx.
Carol attained further success with “Joy” (No: 1 US Bill Board Dance Chart/UK Top 25/Europe Top 10) touring extensively in the US and Europe in the 90’s, and more recently working as band leader in Sankofa, an 18 piece afro-jazz band.

Her poetry started as a by-product of her singing and music. Some performances took place in the 80s at black women's events, but she really began at "The Word", run by Steve Carroll of Apples & Snakes in 2002/2003. She is an established playwright, with work for the BBC and Haymarket Theatre.
5:30pm - 6:00pm The Wheel For our finale: The Wheel met at Charnwood Grove and think of themselves as happy hippy pagans. Motivated by the environment, history, and English and pagan traditions, they perform songs (both traditional and self-written) that reflect this, from mellow to "quite lively".

Garden Marquee
time group description
11:00am - 11:30am Rai Studley Ask me what style of music I play and I'll probably stumble over my words and look at you with a slightly puzzled expression - have you ever tried to answer this question yourself? My jumbled words would probably include ... emotive ... melodic ... unusual ... edgy ... Think Tracy Chapman crossed with Alanis Morissette .... and then check out my music and make up your own mind.
11:30am - 12noon Josie Parr Started writing in early 2005 ish. Most my songs are written in my beloved shed, generally whenever I'm pissed off or actually have something to write about.
I've been doing some new recording recently which hopefully will be available soon, enjoy! Influences - elliott smith, hole, damien rice, beck, radiohead, nirvana, scott matthews, nick drake, to name a few.
12noon  - 12:30pm Coopah Coopah is a non profit "group" centred around the vision of creating stripped down, honest, freely available music. Taking cues from the folk / punk / post hardcore movements that have spanned many decades - Coopah will make music that, hopefully, adds to this tradition.
Whether the songs are based around history, emotion, experience or the will to protest - Coopah will wear its brass plated heart on a tattered sleeve.....
12:30pm - 1:00pm Coriander Helen I'm an eclectic mix of alternative folk (though I don't like to be put in a category) with a passionate, cutting and sometimes sarcastic edge, with the down to earth qualities of the Smiths. My songs often have more than one meaning, you could say they have hidden depths. I write from the heart about things I feel strongly about, so if someone upsets me, I write a song about them. So be warned everyone out there. My music is my life and about my life, I have songs for every occasion, from politics to paranoia. Well that's me in a nutshell (as I am quite small). Enjoy!
1:00pm - 1:30pm Ogum! Ogum are a tribal rhythmic collective comprising elements of pagan, African, indigenous and rock styles, featuring drums and didge.
1:30pm - 2:00pm Mr. Plow Mr. Plow plays acoustic Americana, sounding a little like Johnny Cash bludgeoning Evan Dando with Joey Ramone’s mic stand. He sings songs about cars, films, space monsters and life’s everyday disappointments.
He considers himself to be unnecessarily tall.
Besides his music, we love him for telling the BBC that last year's May Fayre was his best gig ever!
2:00pm - 2:30pm Lapis Lazuli The ever popular exponents of Egyptian dancing.
BKC + Gold Blend Peace rapper & dancers from the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.
2:30pm - 3:00pm Tracy Tierney Born in Leicester with roots in Ireland, Tracy was trained classically at Cardiff University and began as a singer/songwriter in Chicago in 1997. She currently teaches music but still sings and writes and plays both classically and in her own style, which has a folk influence.
3:00pm - 3:30pm James Heathen
James Heathen has been entertaining audiences with his searing guitar ability, strong vocals and passionate self penned songs. His songs are both witty, intelligent and poignant, and make for a compelling listen. Drawing on a wide range of musical influences and genres, James puts it all together in one neat package and delivers.
3:30pm - 4:00pm Paul Newman Weaving the Past, Present and Future of this Land, it's Gods and it's People through Story, Speech and Song.
4:00pm - 4:30pm Mike Authentic When he's not being the frontman in popular controversial high volume rockers The Authentics, Mike likes to sing edgy acoustic pop songs. Lyrically thoughtful, his vocal stylings hark back to seminal British punk-rock.
4:30pm - 5:00pm Paul Carden I am a singer/songwriter from Loughborough. I perform live with a drum machine, guitar FX and often Nigel Lawson on harmonica. Uncle Flash sometimes joins in on percussion.
5:00pm - 5:30pm Pes & friends A relative newcomer to the local acoustic menagerie, Pes' 'Acoustic Soda' is a sample of the emotional, the socially realistic and the often dark meanderings of love, politics and beer. Acoustic folk.
5:30pm - 6:00pm Jodie Monroe Accompanied by her friend Rai Studley on guitar, Jodie is another new kid on the block. Her voice is distinctive, powerful and versatile.

BKC is the Brahma Kumaris Collective, with Hitesh the peace rapper. BKC and dance group Gold Blend appear as part of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University contribution.

Cricket on the all weather pitch (outside)
11:15am - 1:15pm Pakistan Youth and Community Association will play a 5-a-side cricket match against Moat Community College, weather permitting.
1:15pm - 3:15pm St Peters Neighbourhood Housing Office will play a Residents' team, weather permitting. 

Magickal Market in sports hall (and elsewhere)
This year's stalls include good causes and eco friendly local groups.

  • Leicester Pagan Alliance stall.
  • Heart of Albion Press bookstall run by Bob Trubshaw the UK's leading publisher of folklore, mythology and cultural studies.  It also publishes local history books, booklets and CD-ROMs.
  • Anna Franklin's bookstall - Books on paganism, folklore, fairies, and divination cards.
  • Arroneath's - Mick Summers' stall. Interesting and cheap objets d'art for the occult collector.
  • Mary Clarke - Elemental Crystals - A selection of quality crystals, both familiar and unusual at competitive prices; together with Witchers Charnwood Wands and Staffs - A selection of hand-crafted wands and staffs made from the various hardwoods from ancient Charnwood Forest. Honeysuckle twists a speciality!
  • Simon Collins and Michelle Maiden - Heathen craftwork and faery and other-world paintings.
  • Charnwood Grove - Art, music and Information from the Charnwood Grove of Druids.
  • Greywolf is Canadian/Indian and a member of the Seneca Wolf clan of New York. She's giving shamanic readings and talking on how to get healing using the medicine wheel for everyday and everyone.
  • Dusty Millers  - All of our LiveWood Tools were lovingly, hand-crafted from live wood, donated by extremely ancient, sacred trees to these two world famous Elfin Shamen.  And, you will be amazed to know: all their magick is Satisfaction Guaranteed! 
  • Derbyshire pagans.
  • Coffin Scratchers motor cycle club is run by and for its members. We are a group of friends who all enjoy rallys, showing, talking about our machines and generally having a good time and laugh.
    The club is based in Leicestershire but we have members from as far a field as Suffolk, West Sussex & Wiltshire and we welcome new members from all over the UK.
    The club supports 2 charities, Heartlink, for children with heart problems requiring surgery and Leicestershire Animal Aid for abandoned cats and dogs that require re-homing. Both charities are based here in Leicestershire.
  • Carol Leeming - Mainstream Partnership is an organisation working in the culturally diverse arts sector, helping with advice, support, signposting artistic and professional development.
  • Kail Runesmith - Historical and role-play jewellery. Custom jewellery and metalwork from cloak pins to collars.  Ask me for the piece you can't find anywhere.
  • The English Companions (Ða Engliscan Gesiþas) - This is the national organisation for people who have a particular interest in the Anglo-Saxon period of English history from 450-1066 AD and enjoy finding out about the history, language, religion, literature and culture of this period. The local Leicestershire group will have a stall. We are not re-enactors but we hope at least one of our number will be in period costume and we will have a display describing some of the important things the Anglo-Saxons contributed to the country and pictures of some of the beautiful jewellery and other archaeological finds from the period.
  • Erum Suleman - Henna/Mehndi painter (FREE from 11am to 1pm, charging after 1pm).
  • Usha - Henna/Mehndi painter (FREE from 4pm to 6pm, charging before 4pm).
  • New Moon products - Crystal healing, beautiful crystals, Tibetan bowels and Angel cards.
  • Libra Aries -  Books on alternative ideas, alternative spirituality, and alternative action, specializing in Paganism, Earth Mysteries, and Shamanism
  • Pyewackett - brings you beautiful silver, bronze, pewter and gemstone jewellery plus stunning handcrafted Goddess and pagan items from around the world.
  • Pagandays - High quality, low cost Pagan goods. from the on-line shop.
  • Sophia Bird - Crystal healer, reiki, and Seichim Master brings you high quality beautiful crystals, wands, dowsers, natural formations, tumblers, and more.
  • Caroline's crystals.
  • Michelle  - Good as new second hand home goods.
  • Elvina's heat huggers keep you warm on those frosty nights (and days).
  • Talia's Tombola stall - help raise money for the Beltane Spring Fayre Group.
  • Lesley Biro's stall - Tibetan bowls, crystals, etc - raising money to help people in India, ie building a school, paying for a couple's marriage, buying a house, sewing machine, juice stall, and medicines where needed: all for poor families. "I try to help people to help themselves by starting them in a little business."
  • The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
    host a number of activities, all free of charge, including face-painting, virtue scope, meditation zone and a bookshop. Entertainment will include Rap and Dance.
  • St Philips Centre  - The St Philip’s Centre is rooted in the multi faith context of Leicester and is a national ecumenical training centre under the Presence and Engagement initiative.
    It provides training for Christians, those of other faiths and civic partners. It enables Christians and churches to be a confident presence in a multi faith world, prepared to share their own faith and learn from others. Good working relationships and dialogue with peoples of other faiths serve to promote the common good.
    The Centre is being developed by the Anglican Diocese of Leicester, St Philip’s Church, the Methodist, United Reformed, Roman Catholic and Baptist churches.  It enjoys close relations with the Masjid Umar mosque.
  • LASS – Leicester AIDS Support Services LASS logoClick here for more info 
  • The Leicestershire Badger Group was formed to
    • To help, advise and inform the public
    • To help prevent the cruel and illegal persecution of badgers.
    • To help prevent the death and injury of badgers on our county's roads.
    • To prevent damage and destruction of badger setts.
    • To help injured and orphaned badgers.
    • To collect and record information about Leicestershire's badger population.
  • The Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital takes more than 1,600 patients a year, caring for them, feeding them, nursing them and when they have recovered releasing them back to the wild. The hospital runs on a completely voluntary basis with helpers collecting injured wildlife in their own time. The animals are ensured the very best of care and looked after all hours – day or night if necessary, with veterinary attention whenever required. The profit from the snacks stall goes to help the animals.
  • The Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust  - We offer everyone the chance to experience some of Leicestershire and Rutland's fantastic wildlife. Activities and events are organised throughout the year, everything from orchid rambles to the British bird watching fair. We currently manage 36 nature reserves, including Rutland Water, in all
    covering over 2,600 acres. We encourage people of all ages to gain a greater
    appreciation and understanding of nature. Our junior club called 'Wildlife Watch'
    is for young people to find out more about wildlife, make friends and have fun.
  • Just Peace Leicester  - is a group of mainly, but not exclusively, Jewish people based in Leicester and Loughborough. We aim to promote awareness of a Jewish voice which speaks out against human-rights abuses and racism in Israel/Palestine.
    We hold public events and engage in debate with many different local communities.
    We are opposed to the unlawful occupation of the West Bank and to the building of the separation wall that is causing so much devastation in the lives of Palestinians.
    We believe that a peace settlement taking equal account of the needs and human rights of Palestinians and Israelis, Arabs and Jews and all other parties in Israel/Palestine is the solution that must be sought. We applaud people from all sides of the conflict who have the courage to mourn together and support each other in trying to find a just peace. We are selling Palestinian oil and offering samples of Palestinian food - a herb dip with pitta bread (za'atar).
  • We are pleased to welcome and host Leicester Social Forum :
    • No Sweat! low wages campaign
    • Oxfam
    • National Union of Teachers (NUT)
    • Green Party
    • Palestine Solidarity Campaign
    • Workers' Power
    • Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
    • Friends of the Earth
  • The local housing office are bringing services and displays concerning health and security for all residents.
    • St Peters Neighbourhood Housing Office
    • Neighbourhood Management
    • Community Police
    • Job Service Partnership - employment services.
    • Neighbourhood Board
    • Community Health
    • Student Council - from Moat Community College.
  • Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service - complete with fire engine outside (emergencies permitting).
  • Pakistan Youth and Community Association will hold a fashion show, and take part in a 5-a-aside cricket match with a team from Moat, weather permitting.
  • Hashim Ismael Duale - Somali culture and crafts.

Childrens zone in the small gym
  • Bouncy Castle for under 14s.
  • Supervised Ball Pool for the under 7s.
  • Fuzzipegs bring circus skills.
  • Emma's face painters (1pm - 6pm only).
  • The Good Values Club is a registered charity. The club is run at Abbey Community Primary School, Leicester, every Saturday morning from 10:15am to 12:15pm. Nearly 120 children aged five years to fourteen years learn Human Values - ie Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-Violence through various activities like storytelling, games, art and craft, role play and dancing.
    For more information contact Mr. Kumar on (0116) 222 3658. Don't forget to visit their display.
  • Leicester Masaya Link Group aims to foster mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of Leicester and Masaya. As well as facilitating practical projects that promote sustainable development on the ground in Masaya, the LMLG contributes to the provision of development education and global awareness raising across all sectors of the community, by organising exchange visits, cultural activities, projects in schools, speaker meetings and other public events in Leicester. Nicaragua is one of the 25 poorest countries in the world but we have much to learn from the strength and determination of its people in their struggle to overcome poverty. The link celebrates the diversity of our respective cities and aims to ensure that the global issues which affect our sister city in Nicaragua are as important here as they are in Masaya.
  • Leicester Boy Scouts - games for everyone by the 2nd 60th Leicester Scout Group for 6-14 year olds in Braunstone.  There is a small charge for some activities.
Elsewhere on site we have:
  • Creche - staffed by qualified and caring professionals. There will be three 2 hour sessions.
    • A child may only attend one of these sessions. 
    • You must book a session and register the child before the session. You must provide the name, address, and telephone number of the child's doctor and of the child's parent or guardian. 
    • Children must be over 12 months and under 5 years old. 
    • The parent or guardian must not leave the premises until he child has been collected. 
    • Children must be collected promptly for the system to work. 
    • Lost children will be taken to the creche for safety. The reclaiming parent or guardian must produce proof of identity and the name, address, and telephone number of the child's doctor and of the child's parent or guardian.
  • Leicester Museums bring masks from all over the world to try on from their renowned collection.
  • Climbing wall for older children (14+) throughout the day until 5pm, with a break for lunch.
  • BKWSU - face painting.
  • Erum - henna painting in the Sports Hall (FREE from 11am to 1pm, charging after 1pm).
  • Usha  - henna painting in the Sports Hall (FREE from 4pm to 6pm, charging before 4pm).
  • Az & Saz - The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood - a play.

Family entertainment
This year's celebration includes several old and several new amusements and attractions.

  • Bouncy Castle for under 14s.
  • Creche - for limited sessions.
  • Climbing wall for older children 14+.
  • Supervised Ball Pool for the under 7s.
  • Sylvesta the Jester will be capering and joking all over the site.
  • Abdul Khalifa will surprise you with his magic.
  • The Fuzzipegs circus skills.
  • Face painting, a range of styles and colours, by Emma (1pm - 6pm) and BKWSU.
  • Henna painting by Erum and Usha (FREE at times: see above).
  • Az & Saz - The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood - a play.
  • BKWSU - try the intriguing Virtue Scope or rest in the meditation zone.
  • Making masks at the Masaya Link Group stall.
  • Museums Services bring masks from all over the world to try on from their renowned collection.
  • Fire Service - Look over the fire engine.
  • Vikings of Middle England re-enactment will demonstrate authentic costumes.
  • Leicester Boy Scouts - games for everyone by the 2nd 60th Leicester Scout Group for 6-14 year olds in Braunstone. There is a small charge for some activities.
  • Pakistani Youth and Community Association will hold a fashion show in the main sports hall, and take part in a 5-a-aside cricket match with a team from Moat, weather permitting, outside.

Drinks and refreshments
In the Dining Rooms
  • Samosa King offer vegetarian Asian food freshly cooked on the spot.
  • Leics Wildlife Hospital have a range of sandwiches, snacks, soft drinks, coffee, and tea.
  • McIndians will have their van serving halal meals and veggieburgers outside, and a candyfloss stall inside.
    PS A special thank you to Yacub for stepping in at the last moment at last year's fayre.
  • The Pescatore Ice Cream van will be outside.
  • The Offie (outside stall) bring their eclectic range of speciality beers, real ale, wine, etc.
  • Please note that alcoholic drinks cannot be taken into the school building.  The garden marquee provides cover if it rains.

Beltane Spring Fayre logo


is held on the second Monday of every month at Keo's on New Park St, 8pm . For details contact Ayn on 0796 120 3943.

Charnwood Grove logo

Charnwood Grove

 are a group of pagans, based in the East Midlands of the UK, from various traditions and backgrounds who meet together to celebrate the eight seasonal festivals. Our focus is celebratory, and our rites, while encompassing many different approaches to spiritual expression, are conducted within the Druidic tradition. We seek inspiration from nature, and wisdom in the ever changing cycle of the seasons.
We are an open group but prefer to meet people before inviting them to join us. Planning meetings serve this purpose as well as planning the forth-coming rite. For further information please e-mail
Jos  or Sarah or Richard


If you have any photos of the festival, we'd be only to happy to put them on this web site. See contacts page.
ADVERT for The Hearth of Arianrhod

Hearth of Arianrhod logo The Hearth of Arianrhod

We are a Pagan group operating on the Leicestershire - Warwickshire border. We believe that the Divine flows through everything, and can be encountered in the manifest world. We celebrate the diversity and beauty of Creation, both summer and winter, day and night, youth and age, Goddess and God. We run a monthly open circle at the Spiritual Fellowship Centre, Bond Street, Nuneaton, Warks, 7.30 till 10 . We also offer day courses on various subjects and workshops exploring the seasonal festivals and the natural world and an annual Pagan Camp [see]. In addition we publish a monthly newsletter, a quarterly magazine (since 1987) and run several websites. For more information, please send a SAE to:

Anna Franklin, PO Box 12, Earl Shilton, Leicester, LE9 7ZZ
visit or




The HIV/AIDS charity for Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland is encouraging everyone, whether individually, socially or within schools, colleges, workplaces, shops, groups or organisations to do whatever they can throughout the year to:

  • Get involved locally to support people affected, to inform others and to take action to promote positive sexual health and to prevent the spread of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections.

  • Inform and educate yourself and others about HIV & Sexual Health in groups, schools, colleges or at work by attending our courses, organising displays, providing information or arranging training and information sessions.

  • Create an informed and supportive environment for people affected by HIV through helping to allay fears, challenging prejudice and stigma and by providing support, training and policies.

  • Prevent the transmission of HIV and other infections through offering information, providing learning opportunities and access to the means to help prevent their spread.

  • Tackle discrimination, recognise legal duties under the ’Disability Discrimination Act’, and not treat people unfairly or discriminate against them because of HIV/AIDS, especially in employment, schools, colleges or in provision of services.

  • Respect confidentiality so that unnecessary and often damaging disclosures do not take place, whether at work, school, college, within the community or socially.

  • Become a Volunteer or Supporter with a local group, such as LASS, or perhaps offer some time to help raise awareness or essential funds in your local community, group or organisation.

  • Support a campaign or development group to promote social inclusion, education and to help address the poverty, injustice and inequality that influences HIV/AIDS and people affected.

  • Urge Governments and lobby Drug Companies to commit themselves and to provide appropriate funding and medical treatment to counter the epidemic and to reduce poverty, prejudice, stigma, inequality and discrimination.

  • Make a donation or fundraise to help LASS provide essential support for people most affected, especially those in severe financial hardship and increasingly children and their families.

  • Wear the ‘Red Ribbon’ to highlight your awareness and concern about HIV/AIDS and to show your support and solidarity.

  • Think about being HIV positive in a world where many people still don’t understand, want to know and often don’t care.

Contact us for confidential help and information about HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health; to find out how you could help or get involved; and for details of our courses, training or awareness-raising opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding.


53 Regent Road, Leicester LE1 6YF.
Tel: (0116) 255 9995. Minicom: (0116) 255 9000

Registered Charity. No. 1023914.

ADVERT for Runesmith
Celtic & Roman Viking
Torcs & Bracelets Saxon
Penannular Brooches Medieval
Pagan & Fantasy - 07944 455 937
Custom jewellery and metalwork from cloak pins to collars.  Ask me for the piece you can't find anywhere.
Medieval jewellery Saxon jewellery Penannular rings Viking jewellery Roman jewellery Pagan jewellery Penannular brooches Torcs jewellery Bits of jewellery

Welcome to the stall of Kail Runesmith, craftsman and time traveller. I make jewellery for historical re-enactors and role-players in bronze and silver, pewter and plate. If you want heavy cloak pins and torcs for Dark Age costume, runic bracelets stamped to order, or brooches and pendants suitable for everyday fashions but a little bit different, you're in the right place.

You might see me at a historical show, a LRP event or an SF con. But I don't travel much with the price of magic what it is these days, so if you want anything from my range, best to get it here. For any questions about custom orders or the items shown here, email me on .

Kail Runesmith Book: "Farther Up and Farther In"

Buy my book!

to find out about an adventure beyond death.
Runesmith now sells shirts and mugs!
ADVERT for Vicki Marston
Yin Yang The Healing Touch

Massage is one of the oldest treatments, it has been used for thousands of years to heal, soothe, relax and relieve pain.

Take part in this fun and informative workshop; you will be giving and receiving a hand massage.
With Vicki Marston

Mind Body Integration
Promoting Wellness
0798 505 6574
ADVERT for Moat
Moat logo: Maximising our achievemant together

Need a venue for a sports team, meeting or Community group?

Moat Community College has a wide range of indoor & outdoor facilities, such as:
  • 18 month old Flood-lit All Weather Pitch
  • Large Sports Hall with Changing Facilities
  • 150 Tiered Seating Air-Conditioned Theatre
  • Large Indoor Climbing Wall available with Instructor/Equipment
  • Mirrored Dance Studio
  • Large Kitchens / Dining Areas

For a competitive quote please call
Mr Dowell
on 0116 - 262 5705 ext 158.
ADVERT for Alley Katz

Fun dancing at Babington CTC & other venues

“ALLEY KATZ” is a new dance & movement company – suitable for all levels of experience, but mainly focusing on those that have little or no dance experience between the ages of 16-30yrs.  As the group’s motto is:

 “Everybody can dance; it’s just a matter of finding the right moves for each individual.” The company focuses on a mixture of dance disciplines:  such as contemporary, classical, street dance, jazz & hip-hop etc…  It also aims to experiment with new & original choreography by mixing all dance styles from the traditional to the innovative, in order to work towards new forms of expression.

Lessons held:

Every Mon 7.00pm-8.30pm

 & Sat 12.30pm-2.00pm

£2.50 per session (1st lesson free)
Venue:  Babington Community College
Strasbourg Drive

 To join or for further information:

Ring – Kate:  07956513930  (
or       Lynn:  07852212623
'POPTASTIC' is a voluntary group

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