The Beltane Spring Fayre Group

In Association With the Leicester Pagan Alliance

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The Beltane Spring Fayre Group is a diverse group of pagan and non-pagan individuals involved in organising and promoting an annual festival celebrating spring with earth-based mysteries and traditional spirituality.

The group aims to promote, organise, and hold events that will, by means of celebratory traditional festivals and gatherings, further understanding of and co-operation between the pagan community and the other diverse cultural and spiritual communities of Leicester. Earth based, traditional, pagan, new age and alternative spiritualities will be represented at these events.


As a nature based spirituality Paganism celebrates the seasons. Thus the events of our eight major festivals will concentrate on celebratory rites. They will be entertaining although they are primarily spiritual experiences which can enrich the soul. The sense of companionship and the act of co-operative worship, in public and private spaces, are integral parts of the experience. They do much to reclaim the position in the community so long denied to Pagan people.


Membership of the steering committee is open to all, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexuality or disability.
The Group endeavours to promote tolerance and understanding between the diverse spiritual communities of Leicester, and actively welcomes representatives of different faiths at meetings and events.
The Beltane Spring Fayre is a public event and will be advertised through public venues, local media and directly to ethnic and religious community groups in Leicester.

All efforts will be made to ensure that events organised by the Beltane Spring Fayre Group are fully accessible to people with disabilities, in order to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Discrimination against individuals or groups based on gender, race, religion, sexuality or disability will not be tolerated at any event organised by the Group, and will be dealt with firmly. Where behaviour threatens the safety or wellbeing of individuals or the public, offenders will be asked to leave and the police may be called.

The Beltane Spring Fayre Group is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities and social inclusion and should any member of the public wish to make an enquiry or a complaint, they should contact Event Manager Lesley Vann or Deputy Convener Jo Sennitt in the first instance.

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